A pair of primetime games at Wisconsin (against Nebraska and Ohio State) highlight the latest batch of Big Ten game times released by the league for the 2016 schedule.
The SEC edged out the Big Ten for the most players drafted in the 2016 NFL Draft.
The University of Georgia and University of Michigan will team up for a satellite camp in Atlanta in June.
The Big Ten has long had a quarterback issue, but with the conference on a major upswing and set to make noise during the draft, it's time to look at the larger story.
Tom Brady would make Quarterback U sound like Michigan's to lose. If that's how you're thinking, you might be surprised which team came away named the real QBU.
With Penn State recently falling off, Linebacker U is up for grabs in one of our closest battles of the entire Position U series.
Michigan used Drake's Views from the 6 as inspiration in a tweet to promote Jim Harbaugh and its football program.
CBS Sports examines where the most successful NFL wide receivers have come from over the last decade and names one team the real Wide Receiver U.
Michigan is looking into the possibility of using wearable technology to communicate plays and practice plans to its players on the field.
The satellite camp picture is not getting any clearer as there are multiple cases of conference representatives that appear to have voted against the wishes of their league members.

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