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We've ranked all 65 Power 5 jobs. How does the top-10 of the Group of 5 shake out?
College football fans have feelings, and these five fan bases shared them with me more often than others this year
It would be the first time the game was played outside Pennsylvania or Maryland since 2002
Some truly believe in a Group of Five playoff, while others (including possibly TV) have no interest
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Johns Hopkins midfielder Joel Tinney pulled off an amazing hidden-ball trick on Tuesday night and surprised the Navy goalie and many others on the field as he scored.
Want to play in Super Bowl LI? Play football down south ... or in New Jersey
There were some truly spectacular names on signing day
The Fornelli 50 is a mathematical ranking of teams based on nothing but their performances in the current season
The Sooners won 10 games in a row and capped off the season with a Sugar Bowl victory
Bowl season is in the books, so let's take a look at the best of the best ... and the worst of the worst

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