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Miami, Florida, Nebraska, Auburn and USC among the others hosting key targets this weekend.
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Robert Bobroczky, a 7'7, 190-pound high school freshman, made his varsity debut this month, and the footage of him in game action against fellow 16-year-olds is a sight
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Wake Forest needed a strong hire to replace Notre Dame-bound defensive coordinator Mike Elko, and it appears they've done so. Jay Sawvel - who directed a Minnesota
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Four recruiting experts in a row have predicted that four-star offensive tackle Thayer Munford with Ohio State. Three picks sending the 6'5, 320-pound lineman to the Buckeyes
The Fornelli 50 is a mathematical ranking of teams based on nothing but their performances in the current season
Bowl season is in the books, so let's take a look at the best of the best ... and the worst of the worst
A second playoff for a lower-tier college football championship may be a slippery slope
Texas over USC and Florida over Ohio State were big, but nothing would compare to this
It'll be a fun run to '17: Duke sans Allen, a big Louisville-Indiana game and the Big 12 owns Friday
Before Baylor can move forward under Matt Rhule, it had one last game to play and a couple things to say

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