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The Cowboys running back has another extremely minor run-in with authorities.
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The annual event in the Hoosier State will yet again bring out plenty of talent and others ready to emerge.
If you're looking for answers as to why the Big 12 continues to struggle, start with recruiting Texas
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Miami, Florida, Nebraska, Auburn and USC among the others hosting key targets this weekend.
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Robert Bobroczky, a 7'7, 190-pound high school freshman, made his varsity debut this month, and the footage of him in game action against fellow 16-year-olds is a sight
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Wake Forest needed a strong hire to replace Notre Dame-bound defensive coordinator Mike Elko, and it appears they've done so. Jay Sawvel - who directed a Minnesota
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Four recruiting experts in a row have predicted that four-star offensive tackle Thayer Munford with Ohio State. Three picks sending the 6'5, 320-pound lineman to the Buckeyes
The Fornelli 50 is a mathematical ranking of teams based on nothing but their performances in the current season
Bowl season is in the books, so let's take a look at the best of the best ... and the worst of the worst

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