Yankees GM Brian Cashman said he doesn't think the Yankees should have another captain after Derek Jeter.
The glove Jeffrey Maier used to catch Derek Jeter's game-tying home run, and seeming to commit fan interference in the process, is going up for auction in New York.
Now that he's retired, Derek Jeter has no plans to be around the Yankees on Opening Day.
You love the Yankees! Unless you hate them. So let's have a walking tour of Yankee history, shall we?
Remember the Derek Jeter 'gift basket' rumor? Well ...
Building a Hall of Fame foundation isn't as difficult as following through with a Hall of Fame career. Who are the players right now either in their primes or before their primes with the best foundations?
Now that the 2015 Hall of Fame results are behind us, let's have a look at the best of the non-inducted.
From The Big Unit to Pedro to Mattingly to Trammell, here are nine who deserve to be in baseball's Hall. Still not included: Bonds, Clemens or any other 'steroid guys.'
The Mets still seem like the best hope for trade of Troy Tulowitzki, but the sides are still far apart. Meanwhile, the Yankees put in a call.
Alex Rodriguez reportedly wants to resume his role as the Yankees' starting third baseman. This will not be happening.

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