On this date in 2007, the Dodgers signed Andruw Jones to a two-year contract that was nothing short of a disaster.
Mark Teixeira's injury means the Yankees will begin the season without at least eight of their 10 players who hit double-digit home runs in 2012. The Yanks have built their offense on home runs ('We're not the Bronx Bunters'), but where will the homers come from?
Stand back and give Jurickson Profar some room already. He's just a kid. Nineteen. Wednesday, they will put 20 candles on his birthday cake. And he'll still look like he's about 15.
Longtime manager Ozzie Guillen may do some TV work this season and might consider a move to manage in Japan, his son Ozzie Jr. said.
Continuing with our examination of current players and their possible pace toward enshrinement into the Baseball Hall of Fame, we will now take a look at players who are either late in their prime or past their prime and appear to have a resume that is not quite good enough to make the Hall.

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