It might not be a night of aces on the docket, but as our Heath Cummings says, you shouldn't have a problem finding cheap hitters for the Monday MLB slate.
Alex Rodriguez swatted a home run into the third deck at Target Field as part of his three-homer game on Saturday. The ball traveled 452 feet.
Yankees DH Alex Rodriguez scored against the Orioles on Thursday, but he didn't do so in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.
Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees and Bryce Harper of the Nationals are having excellent seasons. That's especially the case once you consider how old each slugger is.
He said his recent 41-game on-base streak gave him tools he can use, long after the streak is over, in order to become a better hitter.
Fraying of his hip labrums may explain Lincecum's dropoff in performance and velocity recent years. He will try shots and rehab in an effort to pitch with the condition but may need surgery at some point.
During an interview with Tiki and Tierney on CBS Sports Radio (9 a.m. to noon T), Roger Clemens said he doesn't "lose sleep" over being snubbed by Hall of Fame voters. "I know what I did in my career, and how I did it, and I did it right."
The All-Star game MVP picks up where he left off by sticking a dagger in Red Sox. The second half of the 2015 season began on Friday. Check out the action right here with Eye on MLB.
The Yankees' DH and People's Champion did it again on Friday night and then did something for the first time (maybe).
Riffing on a joke that literally everything is A-Rod's fault, Jeong -- acting as Rodriguez's spokesperson -- lists three pages of mea culpas with A-Rod hamming it up, mostly in silence.

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