Today in creepy baseball t-shirts ...
Players talking bad about former teams, people calling Josh Hamilton stupid and a bit of delusion from a Marlins front office member are all covered in This Week in (Dumb) Baseball. Oh, and I rank the "Rocky" movies! And there's Mickey Hatcher's huge glove baseball card.
Let's have a quick walking tour of the St. Louis Cardinals and their rich history.
Nine players and one GM are on the Veterans Committee Golden Era ballot for possible induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. We'll find out if any make it Dec. 8. Meantime, let's size up the candidates.
The Cubs' prospect is wowing them in camp this spring.
Our daily update includes mentions of the Yankees, Angels, Pirates, Red Sox, Reds, Rockies, Cardinals, Orioles, Phillies, Rangers and Tigers.
The Phillies have taken a step back in recent years and are trending in the wrong direction, but there are still valuable Fantasy pieces in the lineup and rotation. Our Scott White explores.
Our offseason series concludes with a look at the best single-season performances in Phillies history.
Our series on All-Time Single-Season teams continues with the Cincinnati Reds. You may (read: will) see names like Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan and Barry Larkin.
Of offseason series continues Monday with a look at the best single-season performances by those who wore the birds on the bat.

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