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247Sports Composite Rankings: 2012 Class | 2013 Class | 2014 Class To get a better look at how the 2017 NFL Draft hopefuls were ranked coming out of high school, we took
The former coach weighed in on the new NCAA recruiting rules
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247Sports projects its five-star prospects as future first rounders, and the 2017 NFL Draft could set the record for five-stars taken.
The Browns take a QB, but it isn't who you think, while RBs are left out of the first round
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Nike announced its new 2017 NFL Draft class signees with a graphic of each player as a caricature.
Ranking the best draft-eligible college football players in the 2017 draft class
Using college stats and math to determine which FBS quarterbacks will be the most successful
Four teams snag a quarterback of the future, including the Browns after a trade up, in our latest mock
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The Utes beat out a lot of their Pac 12 rivals for Cali back Malone Mataele.
The Panthers appear to be in the market for a running back

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