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After two analysts from the SEC Network said Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin sounded 'defeated' at Media Days, he was anything but in responding to the criticism.
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Texas A&M rising sophomore linebacker Tyrel Dodson ran stairs on Friday morning and then promptly made his way to the weightroom.
Some disgraced endings are a lot funnier than others
There will be options, but is anybody the right fit?
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The Aggies' will have a big time receiver on campus tomorrow.
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Though there will be some very good defenses in the SEC this year, the LBs are a bit of a weak link. However, A&M will still face some very good playmakers at the position.
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According to Ole Miss football's twitter account head coach Hugh Freeze has resigned "effective immediately"
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Texas A&M's highest-ranked commitment, Leon O'Neal Jr., is also its most vocal.
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Texas A&M has gone through a lot of ups and downs over the past decade but the Aggies have had quite a few memorable wins in that time.
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Future Texas Aggie 'Cold Chedda' has made a name producing some great Texas A&M hype videos but he decided to make one for a former rival of A&M's as well.

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