Call it 'Mechagodzillatron': as promised, Texas A&M has finished construction on college football's largest videoboard.
For the third consecutive year, we take a stab at picking against the SEC's over/under win totals. Here's the West.
Politicians in Texas and South Carolina are working towards a new trophy to be awarded to the new annual game between the Aggies and Gamecocks.
Now that we have 32 teams in the CBSSports.com College Football Program Draft, somebody has to place them in divisions to give us a real pro-league feel.
The search is on for the top college football programs in the form of an NFL-style draft. Let's trash the Power 5 concept, reignite realignment and start our own league with the best teams, regardless of affiliation.
The Aggies have lost two major pieces of their defensive puzzle after Kevin Sumlin dismissed linebacker Darian Claiborne and defensive tackle Isaiah Golden.
Aggie associate AD Jason Cook took to Twitter to let Florida State know its '12th Man' newspaper ad is a violation of A&M's trademark.
Mike Mitchell was once a five-star recruit signed to Ohio State. Now he's transferring to Texas Tech after a year with the Buckeyes.
Clearly the SEC has different needs than smaller conferences, which will play itself out in NCAA legislative changes. But that doesn't mean there isn't some common ground.
The ongoing 'will they or won't they' saga between the Aggies and Longhorns gets another update as Kevin Sumlin says he feels it'll happen ... someday.

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