There will be four playoff teams, and there are five power conferences. Without a conference title game (and its strength-of-schedule bump), the Big 12 begins this new era at a disadvantage.
Nigel Bethel will miss the first three games of the 2014 season as a result of his pick-up basketball fight with women's basketball star Amber Battle.
The Big 12 media has submitted its preseason poll for the Big 12, and the favorite to win is Oklahoma.
Now that we have 32 teams in the CBSSports.com College Football Program Draft, somebody has to place them in divisions to give us a real pro-league feel.
The search is on for the top college football programs in the form of an NFL-style draft. Let's trash the Power 5 concept, reignite realignment and start our own league with the best teams, regardless of affiliation.
Nigel Bethel, an incoming freshman in Texas Tech's recruiting class, reportedly punched a female Texas Tech basketball player in the face Saturday.
Nobody is wimpier than the mighty SEC when it comes to scheduling.
Mike Mitchell was once a five-star recruit signed to Ohio State. Now he's transferring to Texas Tech after a year with the Buckeyes.
The early season college football television schedule is nearing completion as the Big 12 and Pac-12 announced more kickoff times.
A look at how the Big 12 schedules shape up this year.

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