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This is the first hint of possible NCAA investigation into the sexual assault scandal at Baylor.
A second playoff for a lower-tier college football championship may be a slippery slope
The Crimson Tide once again appeared unstoppable, and the strength runs deep with the team
Ohio State's coached popularized dual-threat quarterbacks at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida
The Black Knights have succumbed to the Midshipmen for more than a decade, and it hasn't been close
Two 5-7 teams will be placed into bowls with plenty of open games remaining
Ed Oliver was an unstoppable force this season
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A lot more than bragging rights are on the line this Rivalry Week, especially in the Apple Cup, Bedlam and, of course, in The Game. Here are picks for every game this week.
Anybody can rank the best teams in the country, only we have what it takes to rank the worst
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Here are the model's picks for every game this week, which doesn't offer the usual helping of marquee matchups but can still have an impact on the national title picture.

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