Looking at darkhorse College Football Playoff contenders and potentially surprising teams to watch
How would a March Madness-style tournament play out in college football? Let's take a look
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We look at how the testing results from some of the NFL Scouting Combine's top performers and other notable draft hopefuls compared to what they did in high school.
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Mitch Mustain dishes on his time spent under Kiffin's watch at USC.
College football fans have feelings, and these five fan bases shared them with me more often than others this year
The investigation into academic fraud at UNC has been going on for six years now
In switching offensive coordinators, the Tigers ran into some issues after the 2016 season
Running nearly 100 plays in a game doesn't always work, but it did in the national title game
The Fornelli 50 is a mathematical ranking of teams based on nothing but their performances in the current season
The Sooners won 10 games in a row and capped off the season with a Sugar Bowl victory

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