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As final rankings begin to filter in from the industry, the soon-to-be-final rankings in the recruiting industry-generated 247Sports Composite are starting to take shape.
The Blue Devils are taking a beating without Coach K
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Running back Mike Epstein adds an offer from Utah.
| 1484332096
Wide receiver Josh Palmer and the Orange have parted ways.
Despite reasonable options, yet another pro sports franchise moved due to greed
Bruins made school-record 19 3-pointers; Bryce Alford finished with 37 points
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Safety Josh Sanguinetti picks up an offer from UCLA.
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Zach Sweeney to go an instate official visit this weekend.
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A look back at 13 preseason predictions made before the college football season. A few were off. Most hit big.
It's only hours after the national championship, but let's look at some college football rankings for 2017

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