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Draft Day Dilemmas: How long can second base wait?

Waiting to draft a second baseman isn't a new strategy, but the reason for doing it this season is a bit different. Al Melchior explains why more talent at the position doesn't require a change in approach..

Draft Day Dilemmas: Is it a gamble to take Mookie Betts?

Is Mookie Betts a safe option among a field of risky outfielders? Al Melchior argues that targeting the young Red Sox star is a more complicated proposition than some may think.

Draft Day Dilemmas: Is Addison Russell a sleeping giant?

The Cubs' young shortstop gave Fantasy owners mixed signals during his rookie season. Al Melchior makes a case for investing in Russell as a top eight option at his position.

2016 Draft Prep: 12-team mixed Roto mock

Draft season is upon us, and we took our first plunge into a Roto mock. Al Melchior reviews some of the more intriguing picks and trends as part of our draft prep package.

New York Mets team outlook

The defending NL champs have more than just great pitching. Al Melchior reviews the range of options the Mets have to offer Fantasy owners.

Cleveland Indians team outlook

Can the Indians' rotation live up to its promise? Can other hitters pick up the slack if Michael Brantley misses time? Al Melchior reviews their roster and sizes up their potential contributions to Fantasy success.

Kansas City Royals team outlook

Even after two straight World Series appearances and a title, the Royals aren't getting their due. Al Melchior also sees that the squad has plenty to offer Fantasy owners.

San Diego Padres team outlook

Big moves didn't lead to big success in 2015, so what will a quiet offseason mean for the Padres? Al Melchior sums up the team's Fantasy outlook for the coming season.

Los Angeles Dodgers team outlook

The Dodgers may have thinned out some surpluses, but they still don't lack for Fantasy-relevant talent. Al Melchior reviews the Fantasy fortunes of the defending NL West champions.

Colorado Rockies team outlook

The Rockies all-hit, no-pitch formula didn't produce wins, but it yielded plenty of Fantasy options. Al Melchior assesses how this year's team could look to Fantasy owners on Draft Day.

Draft Prep: Sleepers 1.0

Which players are likely to be overlooked on Draft Day, presenting great value to the owners who invest in them? Al Melchior takes his first crack at his sleepers list for 2016.

Washington Nationals team outlook

Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer aside, the Nationals as a group let their Fantasy owners down in 2015. Al Melchior takes stock of their 2016 roster from a Fantasy perspective.

Chicago White Sox team outlook

The White Sox underwhelmed in 2015, but can new faces and underperformers spur a turnaround? Al Melchior identifies some possible Fantasy contributors.

Minnesota Twins team outlook

The Twins had some surprise contributors in 2015, and the team is set to have some new faces this coming season. Al Melchior reviews the players, old and new, who could make Fantasy contributions.

Arizona Diamondbacks team outlook

Whether you love or hate their recent moves, the Diamondbacks could make the NL West more interesting this season. Al Melchior sizes up their new-look roster from a Fantasy perspective.

Al Melchior has been playing Fantasy Baseball since 1994, getting his start in the Southern Maryland Anthropomorphic Baseball League (SMABL). He has been writing about Fantasy Baseball since 2000, getting his start with Baseball HQ, joining as a freelance writer in 2008, and coming on board full-time in 2010. A former political science professor, Al realized a career change might be in order when he found himself using Fantasy sports as a teaching tool in two different classes. Al is a proud Wolverine and a highly conflicted Marlins fan. Follow at @almelccbs

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