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The third season of BIG3 basketball has hit a rough patch. 

Early on Wednesday evening, the league sent out a major press release announcing that a number of stars would be deactivated for the remainder of the season. Citing a need to "maximize competition, protect the health of players and raise the level of professionalism," Baron Davis, Bonzi Wells, Lamar Odom and Jermaine O'Neal will all miss the remainder of the season.  In addition, Glen "Big Baby" Davis will face a significant fine for his actions during last weekend's games. 

After a series of consultations with players, coaches and league leadership, BIG3 will be implementing the following changes set to take effect immediately. Such changes are being implemented to maximize competition, protect the health of players, and to raise the level of the professionalism of the BIG3. As the premier profesisonal 3-on-3 league in the world, we are always striving to improve the quality of both the live and broadcast experience for our fans as well as the level of competition. In addition, the smooth running of our internal organization, while in great shape for a young third-year league, needs to be improved and ongoing changes will continue to be implemented and finalized by next Monday.

Effective immediately, Baron Davis, Bonzi Wells, Lamar Odom and Jermaine O'Neal will be deactivated for the 2019 BIG3 season.

Glenn "Big Baby" Davis will be fined significantly for behavior detrimental to the league this past weekend but will be eligible for Power's Saturday game as it has been determined a suspension is not required given the level of the fine. 

Several league personnel changes will also be made in order to maximize communication and the smooth running of league operations. 

Last weekend, Glenn Davis was ejected from the Power's game against Trilogy for arguing with the referees. Following his ejection, he made his way into the crowd where he was saluted by fans. After drawing some applause, he took his jersey off and threw it into the crowd before heading into the tunnel.

That's the explanation for Davis' fine. As for why the other players are being deactivated, it's unclear at this point. 

Baron Davis released a statement on Twitter in which he said, "I have decided to no longer participate in the @thebig3 I don't feel it is in my best interest to play."