BIG3 Week 1 takeaways: Joe Johnson has historical league debut; Amar'e Stoudemire's Tri-State blow late lead in loss

The BIG3 league certainly made an impact during its first week of action on CBS in 2019.

There was no shortage of excitement as two games came down to the wire and four teams made their debuts across the BIG3 during opening weekend.

One of the bigger storylines was the debut of seven-time NBA All-Star Joe Johnson. The former Atlanta Hawks shooting guard made his debut as the captain of Triplets, leading them to a comfortable 50-40 victory over Aliens. He notched a double-double with a 27-point, 16-rebound performance while showing off his familiar 3-point ability, converting on three 3-pointers in the win.

Meanwhile, Amar'e Stoudemire's Tri State blew a late lead in regulation, allowing the Killer 3's to win in overtime behind Donte Greene's game-winning shot. Tri State was unable to seal the deal despite Stoudemire's 26-point, 10-rebound performance.

In another big-time performance, Reggie Evans' 3-Headed Monsters held off Trilogy with a 51-46 win behind his 22 points and 23 rebounds.

In other BIG3 action, Cuttino Mobley dominated while leading the defending champion Power to an easy 50-38 victory over 3's Company. Mobley led all players in Week 1 with 28 points.

Here were the major highlights of the first week of BIG3 action.

BIG3 scores from Week 1

  • 3-Headed Monsters 51, Trilogy 46
  • Power 50, 3's Company 38
  • Bivouac 50, Enemies 43
  • Triplets 50, Aliens 40
  • Killer 3's 54, Tri State 52
  • Ghost Ballers 50, Ball Hogs 39

Josh Smith, Royce White brawl in BIG3 debuts

Hey, it wouldn't be an opening weekend without some fireworks. And no doubt about it, former NBA first-round draft selections Josh Smith and Royce White certainly made an impact in their debuts with the BIG3 League.

Both players got face-to-face with one another as Smith put a forearm into White before White took exception as the two started shoving one another before they were separated by teammates.

Both players were ejected before any further scuffles could take place as Smith's Bivouac squad defeated White's Enemies squad, 50-43, in both teams' first-ever games in the BIG3 League.

Johnson makes biggest debut of any BIG3 player on opening weekend

Because the league expanded from eight to twelve teams for the 2019 season, there were a plethora of former NBA stars that joined the BIG3 for this year.

Gilbert Arenas, Greg Oden, Lamar Odom, Kendrick Perkins and the aforementioned Josh Smith were just a few big-name players that joined the BIG3 for the first time this season, but it was Joe Johnson who had the biggest performance of any player -- first-year or veteran -- this weekend.

The 18-year NBA veteran made a splash as the captain for the first-year Triplets, posting a monster 27-point, 16-rebound performance. There wasn't a single other player who had a double-double stat line of that magnitude during opening weekend and it led to a convincing 50-40 victory over the fellow first-season Aliens squad.

And to top things off, Johnson nailed the game-winning shot by going ISO.

Tri State blows major lead in overtime loss to Killer 3's

The worst loss of the weekend definitely came at the expense of Tri State. Despite leading by as many as nine points late in regulation, the Killer 3's made a comeback largely due to two late 3-pointers from Donte Greene -- including the game-winning shot over Amar'e Stoudemire.

Although Stoudemire did have one of the bigger performances of the weekend with his 26-point, 10-rebound stat line, he gave way too much cushion on defense to Greene on both of his 3-pointers, which ultimately led to Tri State's defeat. Considering Tri State was up by one point, there's no reason why the former NBA All-Star should have gave so much room for Greene to take his game-winning 3-point shot.

3 Stars from Week 1

  • Triplets' Joe Johnson - 27 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 treys, including the game-winner
  • Power's Cuttino Mobley - 28 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 treys
  • 3-Headed Monsters' Reggie Evans - 22 points, 23 rebounds, including game-winning shot
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