Amir Khan was 'peeing blood' after Terence Crawford's shot below the belt led to TKO in title fight


Terence Crawford's 35th victory Saturday had its share of controversy. A low blow to Amir Khan led to a TKO and Crawford retaining his welterweight title. 

Khan took his allotted five minutes and his trainer Virgil Hunter was forced to end the fight. The uppercut from Crawford came in the sixth round, and moments afterward Khan moved toward the ropes for support.

After the fight, Khan was upfront about what happened. He said the shot was below the belt and Sunday revealed that he was "peeing blood" as a result of the hit. Khan remains adamant that he did not quit. 

Crawford, on the other hand, is classifying Khan as a quitter. In a joint press conference after the fight, Khan was asked about taking the shot. He specified that he did not quit after the hit, to which Crawford jumped in and interjected "you didn't quit?"

"I was hit with a low shot man," Khan said.

Crawford followed up by asking "You quit with a low shot in the leg?" to which Khan specified "In the leg? You hit me in the b---s."

Khan did give credit to Crawford for the victory, however.

"I'll never quit from a fight. 100 percent. Look, he's a great fighter. He beat me tonight."

The abrupt ending to the fight left many boxing fans disappointed, but Khan's suggestion is that his trainer tapped out for him and he wasn't fit to keep fighting. Regardless of whether that's true, it was a sudden ending to what was shaping up to be a very good fight.

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