Deontay Wilder says Tyson Fury vs. Otto Wallin should have been stopped after massive cut

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With a single cut-causing left hand to the face of Tyson Fury, Otto Wallin almost did more than walk away with the title of lineal heavyweight champion. Wallin also almost erased a lucrative rematch between Fury and Deontay Wilder from the 2020 boxing schedule.

Fury managed to survive the cut -- and a vicious Wallin flurry in Round 12 -- to maintain his mythical championship and keep a fight with Wilder on the books. But Wilder, the WBC champ, was watching closely to see if the plans to run back his December 2018 draw with Fury had been derailed.

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"I called [promoter Al Heymon] first and I'm like, 'They're gonna stop this fight, Fury f---ed up, they're gonna stop this fight," Wilder told ESPN. "The gash looked like it was like three inches long and two inches wide. It was crazy. Al wasn't watching it and he was asking what's going on and I'm like, 'Al, this cut is bad. I ain't never seen one like that.' This cut was long and wide. Then it became two cuts and became even worse. When I was talking to Al I was like, 'This s--- is bad, they gonna stop this.'"

The rematch between Wilder and Fury is currently penciled in for Feb. 22 in Las Vegas, part of the current heavyweight boxing revival that includes the upcoming rematch between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua.

Wilder said he and Heymon were already starting to go through the mental exercises of figuring out an opponent to face if the cut led to a Fury TKO loss. Instead, Fury was allowed to continue and fight his way to a gutsy decision win. In his own way, Wilder feels he's the reason Fury was allowed to fight through the terrible gashes above his eye.

"See, that fight [with Wallin] was supposed to be stopped," Wilder said. "Everybody knows that. But, of course, they don't want this man to lose because of me. They want the big fight. We understand that. People are not dumb. If you know you have three-inch long f---ing cut like that looking like it's two inches wide -- he was like Two-Face, one side blood and one side sweat. They were supposed to stop that s--- and Wallin would have won."

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