The weigh ins for the heavyweight championship showdown between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury didn't carry the drama of either man potentially missing weight, but some pre-fight questions may have been answered as the two men stepped on the scale in Las Vegas. 

With Fury changing trainers in recent months, rumors have also surfaced he may be "heavy" and out of shape heading into the rematch. After coming in at 256.5 pounds for their first fight, Fury tipped the scales at 273 on Friday. Fury has weighed as high as 276 in his career, though that weight came in June 2018 against Sefer Seferi after significant time out of the ring following a slew of personal issues. In his most recent fight, an October win over Otto Wallin, Fury weighed 254.5 pounds.

Fury was interviewed after the festivities and asked about his increased weight. "The weight is not a problem," Fury said. "273 pounds of pure British beef."    

WIlder was the much lighter man in their first fight, weighing in at 212.5 pounds. For the rematch, Wilder also came in heavier, weighing at 231 pounds as he stepped on the scales to a cascade of boos from the pro-Fury crowd. That weight is the highest of Wilder's career, though he looked heavily muscled rather than blown up to an inappropriate weight. 

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"At the end of the day, we're heavyweight so it really does't matter about the weight," Wilder said. "As you can see, throughout my whole career, I've been underweight. I really don't care about weight. This just indicates that I'm in a better state and a better mind than the last time and I come for the pain."  

Wilder will put his WBC championship on the line in his rematch with lineal heavyweight champ Fury, both men entering the fight with the same titles they carried into the ring for their December 2018 split draw. The two rematch Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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Fans began lining up for the weigh-in festivities hours ahead of the men stepping on the scales, leading to a raucous crowd for what is one of the biggest heavyweight fights of the era. After a brief shoving match and prolonged argument broke out Wednesday at the final press conference, the Nevada State Athletic Commission banned the fighters from a staredown after stepping on the scales, looking to prevent any further extracurriculars before the big men throw hands on pay-per-view. Instead, the two fighters stood well across the stage from each other at the conclusion of the gathering of the weights, yelling and gesturing at each other before Fury held up two middle fingers in Wilder's direction.