Much of heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson's world now revolves around his marijuana business -- and business is booming. It's also providing a benefit to Tyson on the personal front. Speaking on his "Hotboxin'" podcast, Tyson discussed his personal intake at Tyson Ranch, a 40-acre ranch in California City, California, currently in development which will soon evolve into a resort destination for growers and consumers of marijuana. 

"What do we smoke a month?" Tyson asked. "Is it $40,000 a month?"

"We smoke 10 tons of weed at the ranch a month," Tyson's podcast co-host and business partner Eben Britton said.

"$40 grand," Tyson continued. "Ain't that crazy? That's crazy s--t, right? We take it for granted."

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Tyson also noted they're bringing in $400,000 to $500,000 each month from their dispensary before being asked about his plans for a weed-themed resort by guest Jim Jones.

"I've got 420 acres, man," Tyson said. "We're going to make this an oasis in the f---ing desert, man. We're gonna have golfing s--t there. Cannabis friendly, my friend. One acre-long lazy river, wave pools you can f---ing surf ... you can surf up there. We're going to have like 100 chateaus where you can bring your broad, you can bring your family, you can lay out and you won't even know you're in California. You'll think you're in the Bahamas somewhere."

With weed legalized in the state of California, Tyson seems to have found peace and purpose in consumption and advocation of marijuana. Ironically enough, Tyson was fined $200,000 for a failed drug test after his 2000 fight with Andrew Golota.

Things have certainly changed for the former champ with the plant now making him -- rather than costing him -- hundreds of thousands of dollars.