Ex-world champion Carl Frampton forced to withdraw from fight after bizarre hand injury


Broken hands are a common injury in the world of boxing ... but they don't often happen in hotel lobbies. Unfortunately for former two-division world champion Carl Frampton, lightning -- or, in this case, a large pillar -- only needs to strike once. 

Frampton suffered one of the most bizarre injuries you'll ever hear about on Monday when a large structure in the lobby of his hotel in Philadelphia fell and crashed onto a table where the Belfast-born fighter was resting his hand. The incident fractured the fifth metacarpal in Frampton's left hand, and as a result, he's been forced to withdraw from his scheduled fight this Saturday night against Emmanuel Dominguez. 

"Today a freak accident occurred and I wont to be able to take part in my fight vs Emanuel Dominguez," Frampton wrote in a statement. "A large ornament, in the hotel lobby, was knocked over accidentally and hit me on the left hand, fracturing the 5th metacarple (sic)."

"I'm extremely disappointed for the traveling support and for myself and my team. I've put everything into this camp, I've been away from my amazing wife and kids for most of it and it all feels like a waste."

Frampton also posted a video to his Twitter account showing images of his swollen hand, the structure that collapsed and the destroyed table. Given the state of the table, Frampton may have been lucky his injury wasn't worse. 

As Frampton wrote in his statement, he is "devastated," and for good reason. His fight against Dominguez was to be the first of his new deal with Top Rank as well as his return to the ring after losing to Josh Warrington last December in an absolute brawl for the IBF featherweight belt. 

Already 32 years old, Frampton still hopes to capture another belt, and this injury will only make his path to getting one more difficult. 

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