Gervonta Davis looks like the Cookie Monster with his ring walk outfit

Gervonta Davis knows that he has a crowd, and he's going to make sure people are talking about him on Sunday. Davis walked into the fight against Francisco Fonseca wearing an ensemble that immediately got Twitter talking.

The fight was relatively low stakes for Davis, as his belt was vacated before the fight because he missed weight on Friday. However, the stakes weren't low for Davis's brand, and he knew it. Davis first walked into the ring wearing his strange blue head-wrap.

The fight was almost as strange, as Davis spent the fight using taunts with Fonseca. He had spats where he fought with his hands behind his back, and he controversially hit Fonseca in the back of the head before winning by knockout. He was met by boos after he explained himself post-fight. However, the internet wasn't letting the head-wrap go.

It was a strange ending to a strange fight, but Davis doesn't think any controversy should surround it. Whatever the case, he remains undefeated, and Fonseca will lick his wounds. He expressed interest in a rematch with Davis after the fight. However, it's possible that the scarf is the source of his power.

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