KSI vs. Logan Paul 2: 11,000 viewers might have pirated fight through YouTube streamer's glasses

Whenever there's a highly publicized pay-per-view fight, people often find several ways to watch the action illegally. Fans found a very innovative way to watch Saturday night's boxing match between YouTube sensations KSI and Logan Paul.

In what might be a first, viewers were able to watch the fight through the reflection in a YouTube streamer's glasses.

If fans wanted to watch the fight, it was available for purchase through DAZN for $19.99. The subscriber was also offering one-year subscriptions for $99.99, which would come with the KSI vs. Logan Paul match. However, this YouTube streamer decided to beat the system and actually streamed the fight through his clear reading glasses.

Screenshots showed as many as 11,000 users active on the stream throughout various points of the fight. According to Business Insider, if that many people streamed the match via this YouTube user's glasses, DAZN missed out on a considerable loss of $220,000. 

KSI came out the winner in the end by split decision in the six-round cruiserweight bout. He was helped by referee Jack Reiss' controversial two-point deduction on Paul for holding and hitting KSI when he was down in Round 4.

The YouTuber who decided to use his glasses somehow didn't tip off the site's copyright sensors. It's currently unclear who the man was that streamed the fight.

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