During the first of four press conferences leading up to fight week for the epic Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor superfight on Aug. 26, McGregor made a number of bodacious claims. Among them, he said he was so brash and care-free that the pinstripes on his self-designed suit were a two-word shot across the bow at Mayweather.

"If you zoom in on the pinstripe, it says 'f--- you,'" McGregor claimed.

Well, he wasn't lying.

As shared by Brett Okamoto of ESPN, a close-up of McGregor's suit reveals those very words as the pinstripes for the outfit. Because we are a family website here at CBS Sports, the photo below has been altered a bit to protect innocent eyes. However, if you want to see the suit in its full glory, just click here.

Brett Okamoto

 This fight is going to be awesome.