LOOK: Fan using fake credentials walks out with Conor McGregor in London

It apparently isn't that hard to roll with Conor McGregor's crew. Youtuber Zac Alsop discovered that the relatively easy way when he went to the London leg of the worldwide press tour promoting the superfight of Floyd Mayweather vs. McGregor. Alsop created two fake credentials -- a media pass and a promoter's pass -- in Photoshop and crew-hopped until he ended up right by Dana White. Not to be sated, however, Alsop took it a step further and eventually rolled out with McGregor's posse.

In his video, Alsop detailed how he was getting into the presser. Perhaps the craziest part is that he did all of this with two days to prepare. In order to get in anywhere, he used the tried and true method of "get behind someone bigger than you." Alsop meandered aimlessly through the building until he eventually was sitting ringside for the presser, where he talked to some rather eccentric Irish McGregor fans. After it was over, he ended up right next to McGregor himself by following a pair of Mayweather cameramen.

For the record, Alsop makes this all look easy, but don't try this at home. It's a good way to get charged with trespassing really quickly.

Now THAT'S craftsmanship. Zac Alsop/YouTube

To be fair to Alsop (and the fight's security), he's REALLY good in Photoshop.

Oh, hey Dana White.  Zac Alsop/YouTube

Dana White's got that "I'm about to make another couple of million dollars" swagger, even backstage. Just look at that grin.

The actual media is that way. Zac Alsop/YouTube

Even though it's just a silhouette, this photo is pretty much obligatory if you're sneaking into a presser for the biggest fight in the world. His clench could definitely use some work though.

Conor getting his game face on. Zac Alsop/YouTube

Imagine being THIS CLOSE to Conor McGregor, all because of Photoshop and an "I'm supposed to be here" demeanor. Also, apparently McGregor is really bad at knowing who he's supposed to be around.

Photobomb. Zac Alsop/YouTube

And finally, the payoff. Another ringside photo with a suited up McGregor hanging out in the background.

Again, I don't recommend that anyone watches this video as a tutorial. A lot of people would panic if they were standing that close to a bona fide UFC superstar. Alsop has done this kind of thing before -- it's kind of his schtick. But it's crazy to see it play out successfully in such a major event. After someone with the fight sees this video, Alsop's face will probably be plastered all over T-Mobile Arena on the 26th with a CHECK HIS CREDENTIALS PLEASE" caption.

You can see the full video here. Warning: Contains NSFW language

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