Mike Tyson will host his own Professional Fighters League series on YouTube

Former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will soon be in everyone's ear.

According to Dan Gelston of The Associated Press, Tyson is set to serve as a host of his own Professional Fighters League series called "Mike Tyson's New Fight Game."

The series will debut later this week on the league's YouTube channels as well as additional platforms. Tyson is going to conduct interviews with fighters and entertainers that are associated with the MMA circuit. 

Tyson, 53, is set to be joined by co-host Sean O'Connell, who is a retired MMA fighter and competed in the Professional Fighters League in 2018. O'Connell even won the PFL light heavyweight title last year before eventually choosing to retire from the sport.

"We can take this to another dimension," Tyson said. "We can brand it the proper way. Give it the proper advertisement. We can take these fighters and publicize these fighters properly. We can take all the fighters from all over the planet, and all the techniques and all the disciplines and put them in one tournament and find out who really is the baddest (fighter) on the planet that ever lived."

The PFL conducts a playoff tournament, which Tyson will begin hosting this week. The PFL playoffs take place over three nights during the month of October and each fighter must compete and win twice in the same evening to advance to the championship round.

Tyson knows a thing or two about boxing. In his career he accumulated 50 wins, 44 of which came via a knockout.

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