For anything that gets a lot of hype, there is going to be a lot of criticism. The Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor boxing match scheduled for Aug. 26 in Las Vegas is no exception. believe that the fight has little to no competitive value, as McGregor is inexperienced in boxing; he's never fought as an amateur or professional. The last time an event of this magnitude happened, suffice it to say that Manny Pacquiao didn't fare well. However, even amid all of the scrutiny, Showtime Sports' vice president Stephen Espinoza sees the potential in this fight.

Here's what Espinoza had to say via

"I understand there is some questions because we've never really seen Conor participate in straight boxing, but who knows when that was, how that was and whether that's representative of his actual skill level. But, the one thing that we can say is that we just don't know how it's going to play out and that in itself I understand that people think its a flaw. But, stepping back for a moment, you take your combat sports very seriously as do I, but we are talking about grown men and women punching each other in the ring for money So, let's not get too much on our high horse about purism."

Espinoza's quote on unpredictability is key. It could end up where McGregor goes into the ring completely lost and has Mayweather dance on him round after round. On the flip side, he's been training for this fight for some time, even before it was announced.

McGregor as a personality makes this bigger than simply a mixed martial artist taking on a boxing. McGregor is active on social media, and he's a brand as much as a fighter, something that is not lost on Espinoza.

"It is a spectacle, just like Mayweather fights. Those who have been watching Mayweather fights closely, you know you're not going to get a knockout fest, you've known that," he said. "You come to see Mayweather because of the spectacle, because of the drama that comes with the size of the event."

Espinoza has been vocal about this event for the past week. He stated last week that he believes that the fight could set pay-per-vew records. He's also called the event "unprecedented." 

Cynicism aside, Espinoza is one of many who genuinely seems to enjoy the spectacle that the fight brings. Putting purism next to the cynicism, this fight brings a champion and a promoter into the ring together. It has people talking about boxing, and it will have an amazing viewing audience. The pageantry surrounding this fight brings in the excitement. A great fight would certainly be a bonus.