Boxing legend Bernard Hopkins was hoping for one more decisive victory to end his venerable career on. Instead, those hopes went out of the ring with the rest of his body in the boxer's first career knockout loss to Joe Smith on Saturday night in California.

After getting wobbled in the first, Hopkins was holding his own through the first seven rounds of the bout, landing some significant shots on the much younger Smith, including this nice flurry.

But the final flurry that will finish Hopkins' career is just slightly terrifying.

Here's a full set of highlights from the fight, including Hopkins flying out of the ring.

Hopkins claims that Smith pushed him out of the ring after he landed the shot.

"I might have got hit. Next thing I know he shoved me out of the ring," Hopkins said after the fight. "I hit my head first and my ankle got hurt. Between the ankle and the back of my head hitting the ground, I feel worse now than I felt when I was 25. "

It is the first time in Hopkins' professional career, spanning a whopping 67 bouts, that he has been knocked out. It says something about Hopkins' mentality that even after literally getting knocked out of the boxing ring and appearing to land on his head, he popped back up on his feet and wanted to continue.

But it was probably the right call by the official ringside to call a stop to the contest after his head made contact with the ground like that.

It's a sad ending for Hopkins 55-8-2 (2 NCs), finishing his career with two consecutive losses. Hopkins reigned as the middleweight champion from 1994 to 2005 with an incredible 20 straight title defenses.