Welterweight champion Keith Thurman out up to six months after elbow surgery

Unified welterweight champion Keith Thurman will not be stepping in the ring anytime soon. Thurman underwent right elbow surgery last month to remove loose bodies and will be out of action for at least six months.

"I had loose bodies in the elbow, similar to what baseball pitchers have. They had to go in and take out the loose bodies and calcium deposits,'' Thurman said via PBC. "It was getting in the way of the hinging of the elbow and when I threw a punch. It was causing pain and inflammation. I noticed it before the Danny Garcia fight.

"There was no way to get rid of it without the surgery. I'm healing and getting the function back so that I can be pain free.''

Thurman was expected to face off with Shawn Porter in a rematch of their 2016 Fight of the Year candidate at some point in 2017, though now that may be in doubt.

"One thing for sure, the doctor doesn't want me to rush back into action,'' he said. "You can't jump back into the race too soon. It might start to feel good after a month or two, but you don't want to rush it.

"My right elbow's job is to launch punches like a missile, like I'm Mike Tyson at 147 pounds. It might feel good, but it might not be able to sustain that. It might cause inflammation to develop, and then you have to wait to let it calm down and feel better. I figure a four-month recovery will be quick. The doctor recommended six months of no action before training. I won't rush it."

He shared this delightful photo shortly after the announcement.

Thurman said he plans on fighting again before the end of 2017, but we'll see if Porter is willing to wait that long for his rematch.

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