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YouTube star Logan Paul and free agent NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown recently had an exchange on social media in which Paul called out Brown and the gauntlet was thrown down. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Paul announced that he is "serious" about a potential boxing match with Brown in the near future.

"I think we might be closer than anyone expects,"  Paul said. "You know how serious I take fighting."

Paul certainly is no stranger to the ring as he fought fellow YouTube star KSI for the second time this past November. KSI came out on top with a victory via split decision.

In the aftermath of the challenge, Brown revealed that he would definitely be interested in fighting Paul if the YouTube sensation is serious about it. And it seems that Brown is also taking this challenge seriously, as BoxingScene.com revealed that the former star NFL wide receiver posted then deleted evidence of himself in the gym beginning training. 

"Yeah, I'm going to be out in Vegas," Brown told Complex. "If Logan confirms, if he's serious about it. I don't want him to be writing checks you can't cash, you know, you're coming after me for a couple of months. So I finally just hit him up like, 'Hey man, I've seen this too much.' He must really want to make this happen."

The star NFL wideout is currently unemployed after he was released by the New England Patriots in September, following a tumultuous offseason with the Oakland Raiders. With that in mind, Paul believes that it could be a great opportunity for Brown in the wake of the year he's had.

"In many ways, the KSI fight gave me a purpose," Paul told TMZ Sports. "I think this would do this for Antonio Brown -- give him a nice payday, give him a chance to redeem himself."

Even if this doesn't end up being the most technically sound boxing match, fans would most likely tune in to see what Brown can do in the ring if this becomes a reality.