Watch Now: Kentucky's NCAA Tournament Press Conference (2:06)

Abilene Christian coach Joe Golding ripped the pants of his suit on Saturday when the Wildcats defeated New Orleans in the Southland Conference Tournament championship. Because he only has one suit, he says he intends to wear it, ripped pants and all, when they face No. 2 seed Kentucky in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday.

"We've got one suit place in town, that's it, and they couldn't get [the alterations] done," Golding said Wednesday. "I've got one suit. I had two suits when the year started, left one in the airport ... I'm coaching tomorrow in my baby blue suit and I'll have a hole in my butt, man. It is what it is, man."

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An alternative option for Golding, a Division I coach, would be to go out and buy a brand new suit. But Golding told ESPN that he hasn't received his bonus yet for the year, and doesn't anticipate it will come in until June.

"I haven't got my bonus yet, either," Golding said. "I just found out I don't get that until June 1, I think. I heard somebody was going to start a GoFundMe page; I would appreciate it, any help I can get."

Golding and No. 15 seed ACU face off against Kentucky on Thursday at 7:10 p.m. ET. on CBS.