College basketball's most prestigious prize is on the line once again, and you can win prizes too while watching them compete for the 2021 NCAA Tournament title. The field is set and all 68 teams have made the journey to Indiana to battle for the national championship after a most unusual season. One year after the COVID-19 pandemic stopped conference tournament action dead in its tracks, college basketball is back to crown its first champion in two seasons. 

But now with the tournament back, it's time for the best part of the whole shebang: filling out a bracket! It's the time-honored tradition of predicting just how every single matchup in the NCAA Tournament will go as you compete against friends, family, co-workers or even complete strangers for the prize.

With action so close to tip off, you've most likely already filled out one (or more) brackets, or gotten that printer rolling again with the NCAA Tournament printable bracket. But there's still time to gather up a few friends and family and create a bracket pool. Because what's better than being able to talk trash to those you love after nailing that first-round upset? You can also check out our LIVE, updating March Madness bracket with plenty of matchup analysis and other tools to help make your picks.

Fill out your bracket now for your chance to win a brand new Nissan Rogue and a trip to the 2022 Final Four. Don't wait, brackets lock soon!

Here's how you sign up: Go to the CBS Sports Bracket Games page, select "Create a Group," and you can create your own personalized March Madness experience. From there you can add members to your pool, create your own special group name and, of course, fill out your bracket online in an easy-to-manage format.

It is very easy to manage after you create the group. Just set up your pool name and CBS Sports will give you a customized URL to manage and track the action. As a pool manager, you can also decide how you want to score each round of the bracket. So if you want to give more weight to correct picks in the Elite Eight than the first round, you've got freedom to do so. And inviting friends is easy: once you set up the configuration of your pool, you can send invites via email.