A-10 commissioner speaks on likely Xavier, Butler departures

RICHMOND, Va. -- Just a few months ago, Atlantic 10 commissioner Bernadette McGlade was hailed as the winner in the realignment game. But in this game, change occurs quickly -- and now McGlade's league is on the verge of being raided by the Catholic Seven. 

McGlade said before Saturday's Butler-VCU matchup that she has yet to receive any official word about Xavier or Butler departing for the new league, which consists of seven schools that have split off from the Big East. 

"As of today, no one has given us a notice of withdrawal," McGlade said. 

Multiple reports surfaced on Thursday that Butler and Xavier will be headed next season to the Catholic Seven, or Basketball Seven. That league could also pluck more schools from the A-10 down the road. Dayton and Saint Louis, according to sources, are possibilities -- as well as Creighton from the Missouri Valley.

"My job is to make sure the A-10 stays as strong as possible," McGlade said.

McGlade added both Butler and VCU before the season, and the league has enjoyed the best season in its history. The league is currently at 16 members but is set to lose both Temple and Charlotte -- and will likely go down to 12 if and when it loses Butler and Xavier.

"There's not a golden number," she said. "The facts are that we're having a great season, we're a week out from the championship in New York, and it's been a historically successful year.

"Let's not worry about the distractions by speculating what's going to happen in the future. Celebrate these kids." 

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