A six-day Big East tournament? No, please

Big East athletic directors and coaches made it clear at Tuesday's league meetings in Florida that they want to continue with an all-school Big East tournament going forward. Now let me make this clear: These guys are insane.

Seriously, what's the point?

Who needs an 18-team league tournament?

Answer: Nobody.

But that's exactly what we'll get when Houston, Memphis, SMU, Temple and UCF come aboard. It'll be a who's who of who's that destined to confuse even serious college basketball fans over the span of six rounds. Yes, the Big East tournament could theoretically have the same amount of rounds as the main bracket of the NCAA tournament.


It'll be an event worth ignoring for two days.

The motivation behind the suggested move boils down to everybody feeling like they need to be included, but what coach who just lost so many games that he finished 18th in a league race really wants to extend his season? And in an era when most athletic departments are operating at a deficit, is it really wise to pay to send an entire coaching staff and team to New York City when their record indicates they have no shot at making the NCAA tournament, NIT or any other postseason event?

Bottom line, this is dumb and unnecessary.

Nobody needs six rounds of the Big East tournament.

You'd have to be seven rounds into a day of stiff drinks to suggest otherwise.

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