ACC, Pac-12 acknowledge referee errors in weekend games

Late-game whistles occupied many of the headlines from the weekend, most notably in the Syracuse-North Carolina State game -- when T.J. Warren was fouled in the act of shooting but also on the floor and before traveling. Or something.

Anyway, there were two other big referee moments in the past few days, and league officials from the Pac-12 and ACC recognized there were errors made.

First, from the Pac-12. In the final seconds of Arizona State's double-overtime win over Arizona, Jahii Carson had an open fast-break dunk to put the Sun Devils up three with 0.5 seconds left. Carson hung on the rim longer than allowed after dunking and also did a chin-up on the rim -- as the Arizona State players and fans ran on the court.

League officials determined that the rushing of the court was allowed because the referees were reviewing the time left on the clock. As a result, it didn't cause a delay in the game. On the other hand, though, they said Carson should have received a technical foul for his above-rim antics.


The NCAA rulebook cites Section 4 Class B technical infractions article 1, letter f, which states "Grasping, either basket in an excessive, emphatic manner during the officials' jurisdiction when the player is not, in the judgment of an official, trying to prevent an obvious injury to self or others,'' results in a technical.

The Pac-12 wasn't alone. During the Maryland-Duke game on Saturday night, the possession arrow mistakenly didn't change on a jump ball. According to the Washington Post, ACC senior associate commissioner of men’s basketball operations Karl Hicks acknowledged the mistake.

“A miscommunication occurred between the officials and the table crew during last night’s Maryland and Duke game,” Hicks said. “The administrative error happened in the second half at the 16:58 mark when a jump ball was not registered, which resulted in Duke receiving consecutive possessions.”

Duke held on to beat Maryland, 69-67.

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