After bashing Greensboro, Jim Boeheim and Syracuse draw UNC-Greensboro in NIT

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“There’s no value to playing in Greensboro,” Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said this week after being ousted in the first round of the ACC tournament. “I’m saying this because I don’t give a s---. That’s what’s right.”

That was Wednesday. 

So let’s fast forward to Sunday, when the NCAA Tournament selection committee reached its verdict on the field of 68 teams in the Big Dance. Syracuse was not one of those teams, which means the Orange are NIT bound ... where they will play UNC-Greensboro in the first round. 

Can’t make this up!

The city of Greensboro already took issue with Boeheim’s comments and hilariously responded on Twitter. And even though the game won’t be played in Greensboro, I can already feel the rivalry and tension heating up. 

The matchup is one of destiny, but apparently it wasn’t made knowing the mini-feud. The NIT selection committee chairman Reggie Minton said in an appearance on ESPN that it just happened to play out that way.

“You guys are a lot smarter than we were,” Minton said. “We didn’t have that in our minds.”

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