AUDIO: Irate Murdock captured in profane rant against Mike Rice

The day before his final day as a Rutgers director of player development, Eric Murdock went off on Mike Rice and the basketball culture at the school.

In audio obtained by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Murdock can be heard in the Rutgers athletic offices on June 29, 2012, specifically and passionately doling warnings. He's audibly upset and frustrated with Rice's behavior and the atmosphere taking over the program.

Murdock, who's been investigated by the FBI over possible extortion, is overheard calling Rice a "pig" and "greedy." Rice was fired from the university on April 3. Warning: the audio clips below have language that is not safe for work (NSFW) and should be listened with discretion. There are obscenities.

Also, Murdock sued Rutgers in April wrongful termination.

The audio below features Murdock addressing David Cox, then associate head coach under Rice. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education's report, "Mr. Rice was in a nearby office with his door closed, and 'did not seek to confront' Mr. Murdock, according to a report by Connell Foley, a law firm Rutgers hired to investigate the abuse allegations."

The first clip features Murdock bewailing Rice's penchant for "always" having "an answer" and being a guy that knows "everything." He then invokes the phrase "cracking the whip" and specifically refers to Rice as a slave driver.

Clip No. 2 features Murdock claiming all the money Rutgers gets into Rice's "pocket" because he's a "greedy pig."

And the final clip has Rice referring to the assistant coaches on staff -- including former assistant Jimmy Martelli, who resigned on April 4 -- having to feed their family and do a job. He says he's reticent to do something out of fear of his friends losing their jobs. He again uses the phase "crack the whip."

Murdock sued Rutgers in April charging wrongful termination.

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