The Big 12/SEC Challenge was no more than a platform for the Big 12 to flex its big, bulging basketball muscles during the first three seasons of the event's inception. The league won the challenge handily three consecutive seasons, amassing a 20-10 record against the SEC through 2015-16.

Then things shifted.

The challenge was dead even in 2016-17, and the following season, the SEC won it for the first time by a slim 6-4 margin. While the Big 12 took control again last season, winning in similar fashion as the SEC a year prior, it's clear the conferences are fighting at the same weight.

And as we look towards this upcoming season's Big 12/SEC Challenge matchups, which were released Thursday, it looks like the SEC can rebound from last season.

Here's a look at the matchups:

The locale of each game and how each program is faring at the time of this challenge in 2020 will play the biggest factors in which conference prevails, but a factoid that favors the SEC: Four programs are ranked inside the current CBS Sports Top 25 (and one), compared to only one Big 12 program. Of the games between teams in the Top 25 And 1 only two -- Baylor vs. Florida and Iowa State vs. Auburn -- are home games for the SEC.

The Big 12 has logged wins in the challenge in four of the six years since 2013-14, while the SEC's lone series victory came two seasons ago. This year's event will be held on Jan. 26, 2020. Tip times and television information will be released at a later date.