Billionaire Buffett: Bracket challenge will be easier next year

Much to everyone’s chagrin – even Warren Buffett himself – the billion-dollar bracket challenge didn’t yield any winners. The buzz didn’t even survive the first round of games as all the brackets were busted by Friday night – 25 games in. 

“I would have preferred to see it go quite a bit longer,” Buffett, who was insuring the Quicken Loans contest, said on Dan Patrick’s show on Monday. “Not all the way, but quite a bit longer.”

Fortunately, Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, said he’s interested in having another challenge next year, albeit with a few tweaks.

“I’d like to modify it a little bit so people have an even better shot to win it than they had this year,” he told Patrick.

“Wait until next year though. I think we’re going to come up with something better next year,” he said, noting that Quicken Loans president Dan Gilbert would need to sign off on the gamble as well. “We’ll make it a lot easier to enter. There were some questions that were a little tough, I thought. We’ll make it easier to win but I think we’ll have an exciting prize.”

Patrick asked Buffett specifically if he wanted to dole out the billion, and Buffett, the man worth more than $60 billion, actually answered in the affirmative.

“I wouldn’t have minded doing it. We’ve paid out big on insurance policies in the past – we paid out $3 billion on Katrina, so that’s just part of the insurance business. It would not have bothered me to pay out the billion.”

Seriously, what are the odds that that’s the first time in human history such a sentence has ever been uttered?

Still not convinced the giant Creighton fan isn't the coolest semi-sports related figure this side of Mark Cuban? Buffett also dropped that his incredible wealth has little impact on his day-to-day schedule. 

“I’m just going to spend a very tiny fraction. [The money] moves around a lot. It does not change my life. I’ll have a hamburger and a coke for lunch no matter what happens.” 

Ugh, this guy. What a life. 

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