The old adage that ‘time heals all wounds’ does not apply to Bob Knight and his feelings toward the old administration at Indiana.

Knight, a legendary coach for the Hoosiers, led the program to three national titles during 29 seasons in Bloomington. But his time came to an ugly end after being fired. He hasn’t been back to Assembly Hall since, despite efforts to mend the broken relationship. And in speaking with the “Dan Patrick Show” on Friday, it doesn’t seem he has any plans on doing so.

“Well, I think I’ve always really enjoyed the fans. I always will,” Knight said. “On my dying day, I will think about how great the fans at Indiana were. And as far as the hierarchy at Indiana University at that time, I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for those people. With that in mind, I have no interest in ever going back to that university.”

This is a grudge that Knight has held since he was released in 2000 for alleged physical confrontation with players. Knight was a very intense, in-your-face coach -- part of what made him so successful. But it’s also part of why the school decided to part ways with him. And even though it’s been nearly 20 years, and most of the administration is now gone, his mind hasn’t changed.

“I hope they’re all dead,” Knight said. To which Patrick replied, “Some of them are, but I don’t know ...”

Added Knight: “Well, I hope the rest of them go.”