Watch Now: Highlights: Tulsa at Wichita State (1:48)

A new bracket is posted this morning. The most significant change is that Wichita State is back in the field after knocking off Tulsa 79-57 on Sunday.

The Shockers are not back in because that is such a great win that they cannot be denied, but rather that the loss knocked Tulsa out as the automatic qualifier for the league. The Golden Hurricane are not an at-large candidate, so that pushed the Shockers into the field since they had been the first team out.

Cincinnati is the top seed in the American Athletic Conference Tournament, and as such, will be treated as the automatic qualifier. That means the Bearcats are no longer listed among the last four in, even though that is the part of the bracket where they reside. Automatic qualifiers cannot play in the at-large play-in games.

There was a little bit of shuffling among the Big Ten teams that played on Sunday as well. That league is going to become even more difficult to bracket as teams play third games against each other in the conference tournament. Teams that have played each other three times in the regular season cannot be bracketed to meet before the Elite Eight.

On Monday, the best remaining at-large candidate among the non-major conferences tries to win its league's automatic bid. East Tennessee State will face seven-seed Wofford for the SoCon championship. This would be a third bad loss for the Buccaneers if they fall. Their at-large candidacy would be pretty dicey. Unfortunately for them, the two teams they could most easily afford to lose to lost in their first tournament games.