We finally had a little chaos at the top of the bracket on Saturday. After watching the current top four go without a loss to anyone but each other since Kansas fell at Villanova on Dec. 14, Gonzaga and San Diego State each lost on Saturday. And yet, the top of the bracket has not changed.

Well, that's not entirely true. Kansas' win at Baylor has switched the order of those two teams on the top line with the Jayhawks now set to enter the 2020 NCAA Tournament as the No. 1 overall seed and the Bears dropping to second.

Gonzaga's loss at BYU is not terribly damaging for the Bulldogs. After all, the Cougars are a top 25 team and were playing at home.

San Diego State's defeat was a bit more surprising. Not so much that the Aztecs simply lost -- going undefeated is hard, and they were probably going to lose eventually -- but they lost at home to UNLV.  The Rebels have been playing better lately, but that's a Quadrant 3 loss at this point for SDSU.

If the Aztecs had been able to beat UNLV, Gonzaga's loss would have dropped the Zags below SDSU for the third overall seed and the coveted No. 1 spot in the West region. Now, San Diego State has a better chance of being a 2-seed than overtaking Gonzaga.

However, the gap between the 1-seeds and the rest of the field was significant prior to Saturday. That gap is smaller now, but even San Diego State's loss is not yet enough to drop the Aztecs from the top line of the bracket. They can now be considered vulnerable, though.

There's just 21 days to go until Selection Sunday. Let the chaos reign.

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