Bracketology: Other team's results impact your team

Sometimes, it's not about you.

Fans focus on their own team only when it comes to bracket-to-bracket movement. "We won! How did we move down, you (very bad word)?"

Rankings and seedings are relative. Your team's win was not the only thing that happened this week. The teams around yours played too. A team behind yours may have had a better win and moved ahead. Or, one of your team's opponents may have let you down. For example, Gonzaga was Dayton's best win, and still is, but it doesn't look as good now because the Zags lost to Portland on Thursday. So, when you're tracking your team, take a look around because sometimes, it's not about you.

Some teams have gaudy records, but not a whole lot behind it.

Saint Louis has only two losses, both to undefeated teams, but only has one top 100 RPI win at this point, which came at home against Indiana State. That's not quite good enough to crack the bracket. Louisville's best win remains Southern Miss, which is a 13-seed and from a one-bid league. Plus, that North Carolina loss looks worse every week. It's hard to justify a top half of the bracket placing for them. I'm baffled as to how they're ranked in the polls.

Even Ohio State is lacking in accomplishment. They have a handful of top 100 wins and only lost at Michigan State in overtime, but their best win in RPI terms is North Dakota State. The Buckeyes best win ignoring the RPI is Maryland or Notre Dame, take your pick, but neither is in the bracket. That's the reason for the big drop for OSU this week.

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