Bradley signs brothers from local elementary school

Given the outrage we’ve seen about colleges pursuing middle schoolers and other prospects when they are too young, a school signing two brothers under the age of 10 might have raised some eyebrows.

What Bradley did over the weekend, though, won’t result in disparaging columns or anything remotely negative.

The Braves announced they had signed brothers Johnah and Jarret Sahrs. Johnah, 5, is in recovery from Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma, and has been undergoing treatment for the past 18 months after having surgery in 2012. Jarret, 9, has been with Johnah through the entire process.

The two brothers received jersey numbers, took tours of the facilities and then signed mock letters-of-intent.

Johnah’s parents have a Facebook page set up to keep everyone updated on his recovery.

And on Saturday morning, here was the post: “Johnah woke up and asked "Can I go to Bradley today?" Sorry, buddy. Not today. I think someone loves being a Bradley Brave!!!!!”

Good on Bradley – and the non-profit organization Team IMPACT, which put everything together.

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