Brawl breaks out between Alabama State and Texas Southern women's basketball teams at end of game

After Texas Southern women's basketball's 81-54 win over Alabama State on Monday night at the Dunn-Oliver Acadome in Montgomery, Alabama, multiple players ended up in a fight that turned into a full on brawl on the court. The cause of the fight is not yet known.

Judging off the multiple videos on Twitter of the brawl, it appears many players and coaches from both sides attempted to break it up. However, it became a very serious situation before eventually calming down.

Here is a view from the stands of the fight: 

And here is a closer look that clearly shows the punches being thrown and the gravity of the fight. The players' actions escalated so much so that objects were being knocked over, including a courtside table where reporters were sitting. 

Alabama State University President Quinton T. Ross, Jr. released a statement on the incident, saying the team's actions are not in line with the school's image.

"I am extremely disappointed by the behavior of our women athletes at the end of their game against Texas Southern University. Alabama State University has a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behavior," Ross said.

The situation is still being investigated, according to the university president as well as Alabama State University Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Jennifer Lynne Williams. 

Williams also released a statement regarding the events on Monday night. 


"The conduct of a few of our women's basketball players at the end of the game was unacceptable. That type of behavior is not a true reflection of who we are at Alabama State University. We have begun the necessary steps to review all of the footage from the event, along with the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) to determine the appropriate action necessary."

She added an apology to the opposing team and their conference saying, "I would like to apologize to Texas Southern University, the Southwestern Athletic Conference and Hornet Nation for the lack of sportsmanship from members of our team. There is no place in the world of college athletics for this type of behavior."

Texas Southern also commented on the matter. 

"The incident has overshadowed the efforts of our team's success on the court as this directly counters the expectations of sportsmanship which has been placed upon our student-athletes by Texas Southern and the Southwestern Athletic Conference," Kevin Granger, Texas Southern's Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics ,said. "The SWAC and both universities are actively reviewing the events which took place last night in order to bring closure to this unfortunate incident."

 As of Wednesday afternoon, no suspensions have been given out to players. 

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