Butler introduces Blue IV, their adorable new bulldog puppy mascot

There's a new mascot in town. Blue IV, a bulldog just a few months old, is set to become Butler University's new mascot starting next year. According to WishTV, the current mascot, Blue III, will retire at the end of the year. The newest pup will take over his duties.

Blue III has had a fantastic and adorable run, serving the Butler Bulldog community proudly for seven years, but now it is time for him to hang up the cleats. 

With the news that Blue III will be leaving the job at the end of the season, the school wanted to debut the successor. Blue IV was introduced on Friday. The crowd erupted as the new Blue was held in the air. 

Blue IV will be training under Blue III, a veteran mascot, for the remainder of the season. Becoming a beloved mascot takes some work you know, though it seems like he is already off to a great start. 

This Blue will also have a new handler in Evan Krauss. Michael Kaltenmark handled the mascots for 16 years, but is now handing over the torch, or in this case the bulldog, to the next generation.

Krauss could not be happier to take over as the handler.

"It took every fiber in my being not to burst into tears when I heard that the ovation of our fans that I had out there for Blue," Krauss said. "These past three days have been a combination of my dreams coming true. The second I saw him and everyone erupted made it all come true for me."

Blue IV was born on October 30, 2019 and is a AKC-registered English Bulldog.

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