Chris Mack says his family recently survived crash with drunk driver

Xavier plays North Carolina State Tuesday night in the First Four of the NCAA Tournament. Chris Mack is no doubt thrilled to be in his fourth NCAA Tournament in five seasons as coach of the Musketeers, but it's all backdrop for the recent horror and subsequent relief he endured as a husband and a father.

Following Xavier's inclusion to the field, Mack held a press conference to discuss the week ahead. But he also discussed the week he'd just been through. As you can see in the video above, Mack gets emotional when bringing up the big scare he had a little more than a week ago. A neighbor came to his door to tell him his wife had been in a car accident.

The accident was "an eighth of a mile" from Mack's home. His kids were in the car.

They were struck by a drunk driver.

Thankfully, everyone was relatively OK. According to WCPO in Cincinnati, Mack's wife, Christi, suffered two broken bones in her left arm. The children -- girls Lainee and Hailee -- reportedly had minor injuries.

The suspected drunk driver, 50-year-old Kelly Potter, is a youth minister. She had a blood alcohol level of .251 - three times the legal limit, police said.

That kind of terrifying moment made the past week of coaching a little less stressful in terms of in-or-out chatter for the NCAAs.

"To put it into perspective, seven days ago I got a knock on my door from a neighbor who said my wife was in an auto accident, " Mack said. "It was an eighth of a mile from my house. I got to the scene. The car went to the other side of the double-yellow, hit my wife head-on. A drunk driver blew a .25 with my kids in the car. I'm as excited as it gets to be in the NCAA Tournament. And ... uh -- whew -- that was really, really hard."

Mack's team tips at approximately 9:10 p.m. ET on truTV tonight for the right to go up against No. 5 Saint Louis in Orlando on Thursday evening. On Monday, Mack posted to his Twitter account that the first 100 tickets for Tuesday's game were paid for -- if you were a Xavier student with a valid ID. Pretty cool move. With Xavier less than an hour's drive from Dayton, the crowd could be huge for X Tuesday night.

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