Chris Webber impressed by Duke, but laughs off any comparisons to his Michigan 'Fab Five' team

Attention and anticipation about what may come next for Duke after blowing the doors off No. 2-ranked Kentucky in the season-opener on Tuesday has led some to compare its stellar freshman-laden squad to that of Michigan's Fab Five bunch. But one famed member of that famous 1991-92 team, Chris Webber, isn't buying it.

Webber spoke candidly about Duke's freshman-reliant roster in an interview on "The Dan Patrick Show"  and confidently claimed the Fab Five will never be replicated.

"You remember three years ago or four years ago — that's how funny it is — I don't even remember who was on the so-called 'Best Team Ever' with Kentucky that said they would've destroyed us and all that," Webber said. "I don't know who's on that team, and I'm not dogging them. What I'm saying is until you do it, I don't really care about all the other stuff. Like, that was a great first game, and I love the young kids — I want them to do well. But as far as the narrative, you've got a long way to go and it's a long season. I'm sure Coach K is telling them, 'We won one game, so what?"

Webber went on to add that while Duke's freshmen are plenty talented, no freshman class in his mind can compare to the one at Michigan that consisted of Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson, Juwan Howard and himself.

"The last thing: Our class can't be compared with any other freshmen class. Period," Webber said. "There's no Christian Laettner in college. There's no Bobby Hurley in college. Name me one four-year player who's going top 5 in the NBA."

Webber makes a good case in that comparing a team from 1991-92 to a team from the present – a 27-year difference – is impossible to make. There was no one-and-done rule back in those days, so a team full of freshmen producers, let alone freshmen starters, was virtually unheard of in that era. In the one-and-done era of 2018, however, it's a regular occurrence: Duke starts four freshmen in RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson and Cam Reddish and Tre Jones.

Perhaps by season's end there will be no comparisons to this 2018 Duke team and that 1991-92 Michigan team that saw its season end in a 71-51 loss to Duke in the national championship, but it's impossible to ignore the parallels between the two and the possibility that this Blue Devils team has a chance to surpass even Michigan's fabulous Fab Five season.

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